Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counselors
are specialized health professionals that talk with patients about genetic risks, explain genetic concepts and available testing, and address psychological issues associated with these topics. Genetic Counselors are board certified in genetic counseling, and must be licensed in the State of Tennessee.

Prenatal Genetic Counselors deal specifically with patients who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy and have genetic risks that could affect their future offspring. Reasons for referring to a Genetic Counselor include: Advanced maternal age, abnormal pregnancy screening, family history of a genetic disorder, previous child with a genetic disorder or chromosome abnormality, or recurrent pregnancy loss. Our Genetic Counselor evaluates the medical and family histories of patients to provide a personal risk assessment. The Genetic Counselor explains testing options, the benefits and risks of testing, and reasons why patients choose to have or not to have testing. Having genetic counseling does not obligate a patient to have any testing.

The Genetic Counselor provides support to patients who learn there is a possible problem with their baby. The Genetic Counselor reports the patient’s test results personally and explains the meaning of the results. The Genetic Counselor also provides preconception counseling to couples with a family history of genetic disorders or couples experiencing recurrent pregnancy losses. Our Genetic Counselor is available as an educator and a resource for other health care professionals, and for the general public.

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