New Patient Visit
It is a great honor that we have been requested by your Obstetrician to participate in your care as a result of complications that you or your baby maybe experiencing. To explain how our practice works, we are strictly acting as a consultant, meaning that your Obstetrician will continue to be your primary care taker throughout your pregnancy and will ultimately deliver you. Our responsibility is to aid him or her in this process. In some cases this may be limited to a single encounter and with others will require multiple visits throughout the gestation. To prepare for your first visit with us we request that you complete all paperwork regarding your personal and insurance information prior to arrival, if possible. These forms may be completed on our website. It would be greatly appreciated if you could arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. To be forthcoming, we ask that you be prepared as your initial consultation may last several hours, depending upon the complexity of the issues that you or your baby are having. Additionally, there may be a possible requirement to meet with our support staff, including Diabetic Educator or Genetic Counselor. We know your time is very important to you and we do our best to be efficient in getting you through this process. Unfortunately, there are times despite our best efforts that we may fail at this and do request your understanding. Ultimately, we want to be sure that all of your problems have been addressed to your satisfaction, no matter how long that takes. If you feel we have not performed to your satisfaction, please let us know. It is normal practice to conduct an ultrasound during each visit. Please be aware that exam rooms have limited seating, and small children and extra guests may be asked to remain in the waiting room.

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Genetic Counseling New Patient Visit

• A brief family history of the patient and the father of the baby will be obtained to include any history of birth defects, learning problems, inherited diseases
• Assessment of the family history to determine any risk to unborn baby
• Determination and discussion of other risk factors/reason for referral such as advanced maternal age or positive screening test
• Discussion of available options for prenatal screening or testing
• Decision-making by patient/couple regarding best option for them

Regional Obstetrical Consultants complies with the Federal civil rights laws
and does not discriminate on the basis of race,
color, national origin, age, disability. or sex